Is it Possible to Deep-fry Reese’s Pieces?

Et I was just thinking how ideal it would be having Fridays off and not starting work until 4:30pm on Mondays, if I had someplace to go away to for the weekend. But seeing as I don’t, Fridays are now frivolous project day (Mondays are rapidly becoming sleeping in so late day that nothing productive occurs before leaving the house). I’ve scanned and uploaded the second installment of The Scaredy-cat Stalker (look here if you have no idea what I’m talking about). I almost forgot that E.T. was a Halloween movie and that I ran into H.T., himself, the day after Halloween eight whole years ago, so it’s only fitting to drop a little mildly warranted Henry Thomas joy on you today. I have five more issues to go, which will put me into early December. Ideally, I would be working Fridays (not because I like working Fridays but an extra eight hours of income wouldn’t hurt) by December but there’s no telling what’ll transpire in a month.

And since I’m reveling in the personal, allow me to extend an invite to an upcoming party I’m throwing. I’m not sure that I have that (m)any NYC readers but if anyone feels the urge for deep-fried candy (I wasn’t going to get too crazy making food food, but inevitably the bug bit and now it looks like there’ll also be shrimp satay, gado gado, parmesan-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates, Indonesian corn fritters, Malaysian style chicken wings, some chickpea and pepita mixed snacks and jalapeño margaritas) after 9pm on November 11th, you’re welcome to stop by. Seriously. I have no qualms about posting my address on the internet since I imagine that most New Yorkers are too busy or self-absorbed to waste time stalking strangers or sending snail mail (how very ‘90s of me) death threats. RSVPs are encouraged but it’s not as if I envision 500 random folks showing up at my front door like supposedly happens when people post parties on MySpace. 1 4th Place, #1, Brooklyn, NY.

Ok, I’m supposed to be writing paragraphs/blurbs on the top 25 influential Latinos (um, and I only know who like five of the people on the list are—does that make me uninformed? This is hardly as bad as one of my many new-in-NYC humiliating interview experiences, funnily enough at Interview, where I was given a “pop culture quiz” which consisted of a list of maybe 25 names. I had to write in which each person was famous for and I was clueless on about 75% of them. The only three I can now recall are Sofia Coppola [who was famous for nothing in 1998 other than her mis-casting in Godfather III] Douglas Coupland and Faith Popcorn. I did not get the photo assistant job.) due by Friday and I haven’t even started. It might be quiet around here for the next few days.

2005 NYC Halloween parade Elliotts from Turi Travels

12 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Deep-fry Reese’s Pieces?

  1. PLEASE include the dog whisperer on your list… if he’s not influential, my life could be over. Just kidding. How do you make Jalapeño Margaritas? That recipe alone might be worth flying to NY for… although probably not. But I did check out your myspace page after you mentioned it a while back. I recently (as in, this week) got on myspace. I may have to add you since I currently have 5 friends… including “Tom the myspace guy.” How sad.

  2. Meredith: I think there are different variations, but this jalapeno margarita recipe caught my eye. I wish I could include the Dog Whisperer, and Hurley from Lost and the “fat” dr. from Grey’s Anatomy but the list is more community-minded. Not too many tv personalities.

    St. Louis: SCS#2 & #3 are probably the best (in my mind). I’m more canola than lardy. I’d say 50% of my friends are vegetarian, but I have to cook bacon at this party–there’s no way around it.

    Emigre: I was told about this fried coke the other day and was in mild shock. I was still trying to get over the concept of deep-fried pizza. All that’s really left is frying water.

    Jane: I totally forgot about the powdered sugar. What flair.

  3. I remember bringing Reese’s for deep-frying. It didn’t work in the oil. I was disappointed, but quickly got over it due to all the sugar I ingested. All the candy on that table! Sarah A and I were so buzzed that we started doing a dance with all of the household items you have downstairs.

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