This is what I saw while embarking on an hour-and-a-half trip to Bay Ridge, something I won't undertake again on a weeknight any time soon, especially not in near-Arctic conditions. (Two nights later I managed […]


   I watched all 43 minutes and eight seconds of the Betrayal pilot, and it was worth it if only to savor these few seconds.  The show isn't long for this world, I'm afraid, but […]


Why does Nurse Jackie get so much action? She is an abrasive, average-looking (though very fit–Edie Falco has mightily toned arms, despite the character being gym-avoidant) late 40s Queens mom and recovering drug addict. The […]


Speaking of slow, I am really excited about that one of my favorite not-that-famous bands since high school, The Pastels, is releasing their first album in 16 years. And fittingly, it would be called Slow […]