Knock-Knock Joke


I don’t have any problem with Judd Apatow, he knows from funny, but I’ve kind of blocked out anything to do with Knocked Up because I find pregnancy and baby culture so inherently repugnant that I won’t allow even the most hilarious take on the subject to permeate my small minded armor. Which reminds me, is Notes From the Underbelly even still on? Oh, and then there was Inconceivable but that wasn’t supposed to be a fertility comedy.

I was so blinded by Hollywood’s prudish refusal to even acknowledge the possibility of an abortion (the NY Times and Slate touch on this) despite the fact that more than 1 in 3 American women will have one by age 45 that I forgot to become enraged by the larger issue.

Forget the pro-choice debate, what’s really wrong with this story is the idea that a pretty successful young woman would keep the unplanned child of a fat yet lovable loser. Not only does this make me want to scream, “no fat dudes,” but for god’s sake, “no spawn of fat dudes.” Let's break the cycle post-haste.

And once again, could you even fathom a role reversal being acceptable? Ok, no, because dudes can’t get pregnant. But hot guy has one night stand with a tubby dorkette and is somehow becomes inexorably tied to her for life, enjoys it and learns a lot about life in the process?!

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  1. Yes, no “fat dudes” and no “fat dude spawns” because fat people have no right to have children — only thin, hipster people have the right to have or not to have children.

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