Chariots of Fire

I’m glad someone took a picture of the burned out car kitty-corner from my apartment. I’m no Kings County placeblogger so when I see these types of anomalies, like I did Saturday afternoon, my first inclination isn’t to take a photo. But I do find amusement in Carroll Gardens’s ugly side being spotlighted in recent weeks. First hooligans (I’m not inclined to side with these park-enjoying parents but since my ground floor bedroom window is feet from a public school, I know from local hooligans) and now this.


I was trying to figure out how these events occur because I don’t understand the nature of the crime. I assume it’s an intentional act, not parked cars getting randomly torched by ruffians. Or does someone’s car get stolen, then driven to a “remote” (this dead end is hardly out of the way) spot, then set on fire in some lesson-teaching effort? Is the driver present during any of this? I grew up in the suburbs, I apologize.

I was going to say that this corner seems to be a magnet for these flammable autos but this is the third incident I can recall and I’ve lived in this apartment for three years. One car burning per year isn’t much of an epidemic, I suppose.

But it did occur to me this weekend that the mark of a neighborhood worth living in is its preponderance of 99-cent stores. Carroll Gardens hasn't a single one–that's more reason to hightail it out of the area than encountering brats and burnt vehicles. I wonder if the charred sedan influenced prospective tenants shown the $2,500 apartment in my building this weekend?

Looks like another car got the flambé treatment, just across the BQE in front of the slowly forming IKEA.

Photo via Esthetic/Aesthetic

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