I’ve Got Your Number

If I have to hear about one more peripheral friend, acquaintance or near stranger getting engaged or knocked up I’m going to be forced to watch I Hate my 30s (Ok, there’ll be no forcing—I DVRd the dull as a spork Scott Baio is 45…and Single out of pure free will). Milestones for me are very different. In fact I reached a huge one today (no, not the unbelievable 35—that’s next Wednesday) and I’m actually feeling kind of scared and sick to my stomach over it.

I bought a freaking cell phone. And one using all caps and a superfluous Z in its name. Eek (at least it was free).  I never thought I’d give in and I can’t really pinpoint what inspired this because I still have no desire to talk on the phone at home, in public or anywhere else (though I’ll talk a mile a minute in person, I just don’t like the phone). Texting, maybe that's fun? Even the area code is grotesque and panic-inducing: 347? What the fuck is that? I remember when people use to spazz over 917, then 646.

Through my entire childhood I possessed a 666 phone number prefix (no, not in Kentucky) so nothing should faze me. I will learn to love it, just as I eventually do with all nuisances.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got Your Number

  1. Congratulations! Actually I entered the world of the “smartphone”-type appliances very recently, even though all I use is the computing part. I got an “unlocked” HP Ipaq, and the biggest kick I get out of it (besides having a pda to store all of the info I usually keep on scraps of paper, and inevitably lose; and that ‘Bubble Breaker’ game)is finding a wifi connection and using Skype to make calls. Smash the system, I say…

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