But Could They Make Marmaduke Funny?

Ok, I hate internet memes, and I just decried viral videos the other day but I have to make an exception for Lasagna Cat. I thought these were simply videos of people acting out Garfield strips and that was genius enough (I did once dress like Cathy, ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, said “Ack” a few times then went to bed yelling, “wake me up when I’m a size 5!”) especially since I’ve been on my cats eating ice cream bender.

But then, the videos morph into creepy, druggie montages, mostly backed by Top 40 hits. Um, you just kind of have to watch one.

It looks like 2008 marks the year I finally “got” the whole user-generated-content thing. Or at least found one thing funny. It only took me like a decade to warm to cell phones, so this is early adoption for me. And yes, I read about this on Gawker, posted by the new guy that everyone hates for being so late to all the internetty trends.

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