The Sweet Smell of Success

I think I just reached the pinnacle of laziness. I was curious what Bond no. 9’s Chinatown perfume smells like (this thought occurred to me in 2005 when it was new and only now popped back into me head) so instead of heading over to one of their boutiques or Saks or wherever, I bought a sample on eBay (shipped from another Brooklyn zip code to mine, no less). If a store isn’t walking distance from my office or apartment, I just can’t muster the energy to bother (which is absolutely not the case with dining—I just hate shopping).

However, what I dub lazy, a huge proportion of New Yorkers call being gloriously busy. Housekeepers, dropped off laundry, delivered groceries, broker fees, taking taxis and a gazillion other services perceived as non-essentials by me, are not viewed as lazy measures but necessities for the time-crunched.

Baby steps. It’s taken me a full ten years to work my way up to paying $6.49 for a free sample size of perfume delivered to my door. Next thing you know I’ll be helicoptering to the Hamptons.

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