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1. katherine heigl how tall how much does she weighs
2. Katherine heigl 140 pounds
3. Kate Winslet 140 pounds
4. skinny girl margarita

I couldn’t tell you how much either of these ladies weighs, but clearly the public (ok, three searchers) is concerned. It’s funny that 140 is the magic number, possibly the perceived fat threshold.

This is timely since apparently New Yorkers have no idea how many calories are in food. Seriously, who doesn’t know that Chipotle burritos contain like a month’s worth of fat and carbs? As if natural and organic products are somehow calorie-exempt in their feel-good wholesomeness.

Though not directly related, I see parallels between the inability to discern caloric content and what size/weight constitutes fatness. 

I once shared a table with a friend of James’s who cluelessly insulted all females present by proclaiming “I wouldn’t date anyone over a 6, a size 8 is too large” when the three women other than myself all happened to be absolutely non-large size 8s. (No worries, some time ago the dude accidentally knocked up a mousey coworker and now lives in the suburbs with two kids where he belongs. I only met the unlucky lady once and she totally looked to be size 8, but it was hard to tell because she was clad in frumpy what-not-to-wear overalls. Oh, and the guy gained like twenty pounds, which isn't crazy-fat but kind of for a Korean because you know they're all miniature except Jin on Lost.)

Maybe it’s the era in which I was raised but 120-125 always seemed like the ideal weight (or not, I just used my completely scientific TV Super Stars ’80 paperback as a reference point and Lynda Carter, 5’8” 122 and Kate Jackson, 5’8” 124 were the only “attractive” women [sorry, Penny Marshall and Flo from Alice] 120 pounds or over. They were also the tallest) and I still have this perception that guys think that’s average.

But who’s to say anymore with starlets being so tiny, 125 now might seem quaint and plump. 130s are nebulous but once you hit 140 it’s pure pig-dom. Obviously, height, as our ESL searcher above notes wisely, is important as to whether or not 140 is acceptable or grotesque.

It could be an old statistic but I always thought the average American woman was around 5’4 and 140 pounds, which is still a normal BMI. You’d have to be pretty midgety to be obese at 140. There are a lot of gaps in this grid, but it’s an interesting collection of self-submitted height and weight photos. As you’ll see 140 is not huge.

Uh oh, it seems that American women are now 5’4”, 163 pounds. Ok, I’ll concede that’s plump. Well, if anything it just makes 140 seem smaller. 140 is totally the new 120.

Katherine Heigl on Kate Winslet:  “Early in my career, I read an interview she gave about how the industry wanted her to lose weight; she basically gave them the finger and said no. I remember thinking, I can do that too. I don’t have to look like one of these genetically superior people in order to work.”

There’s nothing like a not-really-fat actress finding comfort in the wisdom of another not-really-fat actress. I’m surprised that Hollywood’s other supposed chunkster Drew Barrymore didn’t get dragged into the discussion.

But the question on everyone’s mind is how do I make myself one of Bethenny “Real Housewife” Frankel’s trademark Skinny Girl’s Margaritas?

You can watch a demo on YouTube. I’m still not clear how this veers wildly from the fat girl’s margarita, which to my knowledge is also composed of tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice. What makes it skinny? No salt? Blending with ice rather than serving on the rocks? She appears to rim the glass with a salt-and-sugar blend, which is the only way her cocktail diverges from a textbook margarita. Either way, skinny bottoms up.

2 thoughts on “How Much Does She Weighs

  1. Of course it’s always hard to separate out media-centric / east-coast / west-coast perceptions of weight from reality. It’s nice to leave nyc and see the majority of ladies are packing some junk in the trunk if you know what I mean.
    On one hand you have Howard Stern (who I like for the record) thinking that anything over 110 is chunky. And girls on critiquing Lauren Conrad from the Hills for being chubby.
    But get out anywhere in the rest of America (especially where you have those ginormous mega supermarkets with a gazillion amazing processed food — which I love BTW) and it seems like plus size is the norm.

    So the Bethany Frankel margarita thing (I am refusing to call it what she calls it anymore, because like Starbucks, assigning that description to a beverage is creepy) doesn’t really have a ton carbs and sugar which typical margaritas do, even on the rocks, they use some sort of very sugary sour mix in most places.

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