Name That Animal

Colombian creature

I really kind of love the Colombian hostage release story. I guess because I’m fascinated/horrified by being held captive for such extended periods of time. (I’m still not over that Austrian woman held prisoner by her father for over 20 years. I’m also obsessed with Locked Up Abroad. Seriously, it's spellbinding.) Nitty-gritty nastiness aside, how do you not go insane from boredom?

But my real question is what the hell is that ring-tailed snouty creature on the dude with manicured facial hair’s shoulder?! Is the guy a rescuer or a former hostage? He doesn’t look like an American. Did they get to keep pets while shackled to trees in the jungle? If commandos also managed to rescue the furry South American rodent raccoon during their mission, it’s the most awesome thing ever. Can a hostage/unknown animal duo be considered an interspecies friendship?

Oh, and Ingrid Betancourt’s son is totally hot in a teenage French-Latino way.

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