Rainbow Coalition

Whamposter As much as I’m biased against the unshakable ‘80s fetishization in fashion and music, I am excited to see ‘80s make up colors being produced by drugstore brands. I loved rainbow-hued makeup in middle school and I still do. Earlier this year I went crazy for Max Factor’s Vivid Impact mascara and I just noticed Cover Girl’s Blast Eye Enhancers.

(One of my favorite childhood misunderstandings: In third grade, my neighbor Sherri Patterson who had a mild lisp [she had to go to speech therapy. The school wanted me to go too because I did, and still do, talk too fast, but there was no way I was going to some trashy remedial class] ran up to me after recess and exasperatedly started complaining about a new girl in her class, a cover girl. I didn’t really know what she was getting at and all I could think was that maybe this new girl was a model so I way naively asked, “Is she pretty?” “No,” she sassed back, “she’s a colored girl.” Uh, even in 1980 that wasn’t common parlance in the Northwest. And for the record, the new girl was Filipino.)

I know they say that if you wore it the first time around, you’re not allowed to when it comes back into style. But no one’s going to keep me from pink mascara and yellow eye shadow, 36th birthday in 12 days or not.

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Coalition

  1. woohoo, time for a drugstore make-up trip! I love my blue eyeshadow and navy mascara even if it does sort of wash me out. Blue maybe works better on blonds or the olive skinned? Obviously I need red mascara with orange shadow… There must be a color combo appropriate for brunettes with pink skin and I’m willing to spend less than $20 to find it dammit!

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