This Blows

Kleenex’s Let it Out campaign doesn’t make me want to buy facial tissue so much as wonder what possesses people to air peculiar personal matters online (and this coming from a long-time chronicler of the mundane). It looks like this social media promotion encouraging readers to “experience the release” is trying to tap into that Post Secret confessional magic but 90% of the stories make me want to take antidepressants.

The site is a must, however, if spina bifida, autism, bastards meeting their dads for the first time and fart humor, are up your alley.

4 thoughts on “This Blows

  1. oo-er, what is “my treasure”/”Virgo2478” little bundle of joy laying on?

    Interesting site. I’m searching for the “Kleenex-while-viewing-internet-porn”

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