Even Teenage Witches Pack on the Pounds

Melissa_joan_hart People magazine is a foul little rag best consumed for free while on an elliptical trainer. Yet after reading the recent New York Times article, "People Magazine Still Has a Bikini Body" I'll admit that I was dying to know who the surprise now thirtysomething teen star with a weight problem, that they weren’t at liberty to reveal yet, was going to be. Oh, I also wanted to know how one gets a title like Body Editor.

Now, I can rest easy. I just found out the answer while running down to Duane Reade. It's poor Melissa Joan Hart. She was a "horrifying" 155 and is now a svelte 113. Bikini body!

What I always appreciate most about these cautionary celebrity blubber tales is that their disgusting is actually lower than my goal weight, a medically correct normal BMI. How is it possible that my healthy is their obese? Maybe they're really really short? Or I'm a giant.

4 thoughts on “Even Teenage Witches Pack on the Pounds

  1. I’ve always put MJH in the same ‘about to explode’ category as Vincent D’Onofrio and Peter Sarsgaard. She’s always looked on the edge of middle aged frumpdom to me, even in her younger days.

  2. lisa: that’s funny, I never pegged her for a D’Onofrio but she always looked old to me. Not in a hard-living Lohan way, though. I could never figure it out exactly, but her complexion always seemed dull and tired…kind of like mine, now that I think about it.

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