Hair Hiatus

I haven’t put up a growing out gray hair progress photo so far in June because my hair looks the same as last month. In fact, I was recently accused of coloring it despite saying I wouldn’t, but I only resorted to semi-permanent light ash brown that only took on 70% of my hair. I’m starting to look like a tortoiseshell cat with various shades of brown, copper, silver and blonde. It’s very noticeable in bright light, less so in shadowy settings. It’s a hideous multi-toned mess, frankly.

If I were a classy lady with funds to spare I would get it taken care of professionally. I honestly don’t understand how normal women can pay $150+ per month for hair color upkeep. I’m going to get it cut July 7 (the woman I go to doesn’t do color) and am resolved to not touch the color until my 37th birthday at the end of July. I can deal for a month. Maybe I can deal for longer.

The last time I let my hair go totally au natural and lightly frosted with gray I was a young, impressionable 28. If it was that noticeable nearly a decade ago, I do fear it’s reaching critical mass now.

2 thoughts on “Hair Hiatus

  1. Dye all of your hair a bright gray, and do your nails in the same shade and get a gray handbag and just fucking run with it.

    Women who are prematurely gray look hot.

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