Short Cuts


The dreaded sensible hair might’ve struck again. I got it cut last night, not crazy short, just what I imagined to be kind of choppy and sassy but once again it’s dangerously close to that mom hair. Not any mom, though. I keep seeing shades of Teri, Jack Bauer’s now long dead wife with a touch of the salty-peppery-golden Matthew Broderick as shown in those recent photos with his surrogate babies (the color, obviously not the sideburns).


Men on TV are so rarely paired with short-haired women. I don’t think if Jack Bauer were real that he would have a wife that looked like Teri. A more recent mismatch is also short-haired Nurse Jackie with her Queensy bartender husband. I didn’t even consider the age difference (this was pointed out on Gawker, and really? A woman being six years older than a man–the actors are six years apart in age–is a gap to be remarked on? Would anyone ever comment on a husband six years older than his wife?) the issue; their styles and personalities are what seem incongruous. 


5 thoughts on “Short Cuts

  1. This reminds me of a pair of pants I tried on from the sale rack of Urban Outfitters yesterday. They looked inconspicuous enough, but once on I noticed that they were pleated on the hips, tapered at the ankle. MOM jeans.

    They should have just said “not your daughter’s jeans” (<--- so lame) on them, but ironically they were intended for the born in the 90s dressing like the 80s "kids". I'm sure the hair looks fine.

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