It Beats an Outhouse

Just this weekend I was wondering what happened to Karen Grassle. (The long and short of it was that James had never seen Little House on the Prairie and was under the incredibly misguided impression that it took place in the rural 1970s not the 1870s.)

Then like a gift from God, this commercial for Premier Bathrooms showed on my TV Saturday. Ma is shilling tubs for seniors.

9 thoughts on “It Beats an Outhouse

  1. Heather: He didn’t even know who Melissa Gilbert was. Lame. I made him watch an episode on Hallmark channel and it was about a boy who pretended to be blind so his parents wouldn’t get a divorce. Did they even have divorce in the 19th century?

  2. I was watching this infomercial (from my sickbed, or sickcouch in this case). I was struck by how raspy and harsh KG’s voice was. Or maybe it was the effects of fever and a bad signal.

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