Death by Video

They got some new music video channel at the gym that always plays on the left tv of the row of three facing the bikes/elliptical trainers/treadmills. I don’t listen since I have my own earphones on, but it’s hard to totally block out the oddball visual mix of Beyonce, Jefferson Airplane (not Starship, thankfully—every single morning in eighth grade while I was getting ready for school MTV would play that horrific ”We Built This City” video. As if middle school wasn’t already depressing enough. Just try watching it and not want to go deaf and blind) and less popular Bananarama (I don’t recall ”Na Na Hey Hey” being a top 40 hit in the US).

Without fail, though, they will always play what looks to be a contemporary video with some bald beefy lead singer with a goatee. I never spend more than an hour doing cardio so this video must play an awful lot. I have no idea what the song sounds like or who the band is because I mentally block it out before I see any credits. This week I forced myself to wait till the end and discover the band’s name. Daughtry? What the fuck is that? Seriously, I have never heard of them. I’m assuming they must be popular, though I can’t figure out why. If you can, watch the video (they must be big because YouTube has disabled embedding) and explain to me why people like this.

4 thoughts on “Death by Video

  1. Daughtry was an America Idol contestant(he is the bald guy)..I think people like them because they play a “safe” brand of metal. Macho enough to blast from your Nissan truck without offending grandma.

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