Stroller Derby

Two weekends ago, there were FIVE strollers against the wall in front of my door, apparently the result of a baby (or rather toddler since there was an amazing ruckus, clearly from running and jumping not crawling—I don't think people realize how much noise even small feet can make) party upstairs. It's not a large space, just the entryway between the front door and stairs, no bigger than maybe 15×6. On any given day there are two strollers, and a ladder, piles of sheet rock and metal rods appeared around the end of 2009 and haven't been touched since.

As of yet, baby parties have been rare, I wouldn't make a stink. But I don't want shit in front of my door, strollers included. I don't enjoy listening to the daily fussing and crying trying to get your child in and out of its contraption. It's not my problem that you chose to live in a walk-up. If you have small children and are too weak to carry your stroller upstairs, then you shouldn't live in an apartment or you should live on the ground floor. I know you are not poor and option-less because I see your alumni magazines and law association journals on the mail table. Would it be ok to store my stuff in front of your door and bang around while retrieving it?

I've considered malfeasance. Not arson, you know, but I did find that stroller in the hall rage was an odd twist in that horribly depressing story (I find smaller bad things much more tragic than natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti. I'm honestly not getting why the public has gone into sympathy overdrive over Haiti when there is something terrible going on at any given time somewhere in the world. Is it because the island is physically closer to the US? I don't recall such an outpouring over the Sichuan earthquake, which killed around 70,000 people, or even the Asian tsunami that killed over 220,000. Remember 2003 when 72,000 people died, many infirm or elderly, in Europe, because there was a heat wave and everyone was on vacation? I've never even heard of Cyclone Nargis that killed 138,000 in Burma in 2008) about the deadly fire in Bensonhurst last week.

On the upside, I learned of the existence of Maranata, a rare Brooklyn Guatemalan restaurant. To my knowledge, Tierras Centro Americanas in Queens, was the only one in the city.

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