In Dreams

I know there is nothing less interesting than someone else’s dreams. But humor me for a second. Every few months I seem to have a “dirty” (in varying degrees) dream involving the same coworker, a coworker I am not physically attracted to in real life, no chemistry, no nothing, they're kind of a straighto potato and never pay any attention to me. This is starting to get peculiar and I’m wondering what it’s supposed to symbolize or if I’m in a state of denial.

The irrational part of me believes that they know even though I know that couldn’t be true. Thinking that someone knows you’re dreaming about them or that in turn it means they’re dreaming about you is as juvenile as putting your hands over your eyes and thinking no one can see you because you can’t see them.

The context of the dream is often a clearing of the air, admitting that we’ve both been thinking the same thing, then having it over and done with once and for all so we can move on (neither of us are single). And now that thinking is seeping into reality even though it makes no sense what so ever. Even so, I can’t help but look at them periodically throughout the day for any hint that they want to make out. And no, I’m absolutely getting no vibe. This is clearly more about me than them.

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