Queen For a Day

Just as I refuse to believe that 22-year-old students all wear $800
shoes and own boutiques (a nugget gleaned today from the July Marie Claire,
not online) I cannot fathom that all grown women are criminally
deprived of me time. If I were to believe these put upon, doing-it-all
moms/wives/caretakers targeted in Women’s Day, Family Circle and Redbook
(the types of non-fashion women’s magazines that I only read at the gym
and actually showcase clothing in my price range, in my size and in
styles that aren’t too short, tight or so skimpy that you can’t wear a
bra) I would be highly suspicious of marriage and children. More like,
downright terrified.

Everyone but the most self-deluded would.
Maybe I’ve been raised weirdly and have strange friends, but no female
I know is so starved for one free day that they need to send their totally obtainable fantasies of what they’d do with said one free day to Real Simple.

I know are at bars watching the World Cup during weekdays, going to
Korean spas, the beach. I, sadly, am the rare full time staff employee,
my days are not fully mine, but it’s not as if I couldn’t take a day
off (in fact, an unlimited vacation policy was announced last week and
my mind is still reeling with possibilities). My mom quit her last job
by choice and was living at the coast. Now, she’s managing an apartment
building. Yep, free time. Of course, thirty years ago she would’ve had
small children to contend with.

So, maybe it is true that parents (not just moms?) are miserable. We'll have to wait until Monday and see.

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