It’s a Conspiracy


Very occasionally I'll find myself inexplicably attracted to a fictional character. More often than not, I find myself repelled; so far, Sean Walker, a.k.a. John Ritter's son has been souring me on The Event, a conspiracy theory drama gone wrong.

I don't know anything about James Badge Dale, nor do I want to (ugh, I couldn't resist Google and just realized he played fratty Chase on 24, who I only liked after Jack Bauer chopped his hand off) but every time I watch Rubicon I can't help but think of the word handsome in connection to Will Travers. That's not a word I ever use.

I like his seriousness and determination coupled with a grad student disheveled-ness, despite holding a high-level government job. He doesn't readily show emotion, but he doesn't lack passion. Also, he's awfully gray for his early 30s (though in an atypical actor move, I think he might be playing older than his real age).

If he came a-knocking on my door like he did with his across the way neighbor, Annie Parisse (who was just playing the vegan girlfriend to Laura Linney's homeless brother on The Big C a few weeks ago) I'd also let him stay at my place. Paranoia is hot.

But it wouldn't end well and the thrill would soon wear off. I'd want to go out, stay up drinking and that would be too frivolous. I'd want to try new restaurants like Hill Country Chicken and The Hurricane Club and he would be busy trying to unravel hidden codes in the seemingly benign. It's hard to appreciate fried chicken and tiki drinks when you're consumed with conspiracies.

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  1. Also, I forgot that Will Travers’ wife and daughter were killed in 9/11 and I’m not crazy about that back story. I would prefer a loner over a widower. Plus, assuming he’s playing his age, 23 is just too young for an educated person in NYC to have settled down already.

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