Married With Children


I don’t 100% know the premise of Sons of Anarchy other than that there are bikers, they’re tough—and that it must suck for Katey Sagal to always be thought of as Peg Bundy.

From a snippet I caught the other night, her character and another woman had another woman tied up and kidnapped in the basement and after she escaped Katey Sagal stabbed and killed her prompting the other woman to throw up in a sink with a plastic bottle of bleach next to it. Um, and then “the cleaner” turned out to be Stephen King and I was all, “What the hell kind of show is this?!”

Also, I couldn’t help thinking that I must have overestimated Katey Sagal’s age during Married With Children because she still looks youthful (maybe it’s those bleached biker streaks in her hair) and she’s got to be in her 50s. At least I think she looks good, and her career has certainly had more longevity than her sisters, the twins who peaked with Double Trouble. Long live the ‘90s fan page!

Yes, she is 56. I got baffled for a second by Wikipedia mentioning she had a child in 2007 because even though I know older parenting is a thing, that doesn’t seem biologically sound. She used a surrogate, and good for her—old moms don’t bother me the same way as old dads.

I’ve grown accustomed to the women like I saw on the subway today: silver bobs, deep creases around the eyes, Whole Foods bags and grade school-aged kids in tow. It was jarring to hear James’ sister when we saw her Santa Cruz earlier this month talk about how at 41 with a four-year-old she’s at least a decade older than the other moms at the preschool. “Everyone’s young and has tattoos.” West Coast/East Coast or just Santa Cruz/Carroll Gardens?

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