Things I Think of When I Wake Up Before My Alarm Goes Off

Triplethreat Michelle Forbes gets around, as does Sonia Walger (who I still can’t believe is two years younger than me—she looks so mature), but Paula Malcomson is currently a triple threat. (Sure, Dallas Roberts recently made the Approval Matrix for Rubicon and The Good Wife, but dual roles are not enough anymore).

First she was Eric Stoltz’s suicidal surgeon wife, Amanda Graystone, on Caprica. Then I noticed her on Sons of Anarchy where I honestly don’t know her part other than that it’s the only one where she keeps her Irish accent and that her character’s name is Maureen Ashby. Then she turned up last week on the godawful, The Event, as a loony journalist, Madeline Jackson, consumed by conspiracy theories.

I’m just glad she had a part (along with Dillahunt) in my favorite flop that I think I might’ve liked and not just because it was so bad, John From Cincinnati.

No matter how many times I type Cincinnati (and Morocco and Portuguese) in my life, I always spell it wrong.

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