It’s All Gone Pear-Shaped

By the way, I wore that green Kate Spade dress last week and I still love it but didn’t realize until walking around in it that it’s too loose on top and will have to have it taken in. I don’t know if buying a smaller size would’ve helped because then it would’ve been to tight on the bottom. I’ve finally come to terms with being a size larger on by bottom half.

I had a flash back to the Snowball (winter formal where girls ask out boys) when I was 15 and allowed to use my mom’s credit card at Nordstom, which was a big deal, to buy a green (of course) taffeta and black velvet dress that a sporty upperclassman named Claudia with curly asymmetrical hair also was wearing. My point is that I did not fill out the top and the sweetheart neckline had to be tailored (my mom has never been much of a seamstress, so I’m wondering if we didn’t just pin it).

It doesn’t seem right that this is still happening since I’m a D cup and always thought that was largish (it’s not and apparently the average bra size is 36DD now since everyone’s obese) but I also have narrow shoulders, which is kind of unfixable. The only elective surgery that would ever appeal to me would be shaving off the edges of your pelvis and somehow grafting the bone onto your shoulders. So gross, yet is it any worse than a vampire face-lift?

Also, I wonder why they don't use the phrase "gone pear shaped" in the US?

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