Worse or Worser

Now that my limit of New York Times articles had been set to beginning-of-month zero, I’m strategizing how to make September’s twenty last.

After only clicking into the Fashion & Style section, I’m already torn. Is it Generation Limbo: Waiting It Out?  where “The college graduates who entered the job market after the economic downturn, take dead-end jobs while waiting to start their real careers. And waiting. And waiting.” Welcome to Portland, Oregon, bane of stuck locals fifteen years ago/Portland, Oregon, the choice of non-struggling transplanted kids today having fun selling coffee and doughnuts.  I didn’t get a “real” job until well until my 30s. And now I’m loving life! Hold tight…nay, lower your expectations, youngsters.


Are You as Fertile as You Look? “There is a widening disconnect between what youthful-looking women see in the mirror and what’s happening to their reproductive organs.” OMG, could this be the dementia I was speaking of yesterday? But I’m still young and pretty! And so is my uterus, right? Please tell me yes…love me even though my vagina is atrophied and rotted, ok?

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