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I'm still not sure where I stand on the gray hair issue (ha, such an important world issue). I've never been able to go for it fully (though once again, I'm muddling it over–that was the primary reason for going darker recently because I would prefer that black/white contrast rather than have cool colors popping in when I had a bunch of warm-toned lighter brown and dark blonde chunks in my hair, the chunks being gray hair that  was colored dark auburn this time last year and had faded down. At a party last weekend, I was asked, "Is that your real hair color?" by a German girl because as she said it seemed dark for my complexion, and I replied yes, though technically if you're majority gray can you call super dark brown "real" anymore?) though I always appreciate seeing photos of non-elderly/hippie women who've resisted coloring. And I got one this morning. Thank you, Ty Alexander.

Then today during my lunch break I was reading Departures at the gym (seriously, I need to start a Magazines at the Gym category) which is an entire magazine devoted the parts of Bon Appetit and Food & Wine that I quickly skim past. Maybe you enjoy reading about dinner parties at an art collector's apartment in Berlin or a not-that-well-known New York chef's family vacation boating and painting on Greek isles?

Oh, and then later when I went out to check the mail for my Chase Sapphire Preferred card (I've become obsessed with earning points lately, especially after reading this bit on frequent flyer programs, a concept I've never understood. Such mixed feelings on The Billfold, which is 80% about young people squandering money and being in debt even though their parents paid for their educations. On the other hand, I'm jealous that 20somethings have so many smart and funny outlets for every topic imaginable. Also, I think it's totally fine to not be serious and savvy about money in your 20s–married 27-year-olds who own homes freak me out way more) I saw a freaking Departures magazine (addressed to some man I've never heard of–this is only a five-unit building and I have no idea who lives here anymore) sitting on the stool in the foyer!  Yes, and then my next new category will be My Neighbor's Magazines.

I learned a lot about cosmetic procedures (and must admit that I'm not as harshly opposed to non-surgical chemical treatments as I once was, mostly because my under eyes look like shit and it's only a matter of time before my upper eyelids puff and sag down like my dad's did) and also got stuck on this tourism board ad for Scottsdale, Arizona with a hot, shiny-skinned, similarly aged married couple, one with long dark locks, the other all silver foxed. It's just not fair. I couldn't even imagine a role reversal  or even both being allowed to have natural hair despite the world believing that women don't gray until they turn 65. Is it ok for lit candles to float in a pool?

I was just stuck on this California Almonds ad because I can't tell who the gray-haired dude is supposed to be partnered with. Gray-Haired Dudes  is ripe for yet another category.




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