Feline Fine

Winter hair

I recently darkened my hair in a reverse highlights move. Because it's almost winter, I guess. Or rather, I had it darkened because I'm a sucker for a bargain and got swayed by a $55 Lifebooker deal for partial highlights and a cut. Now it's genuinely gray around the face. My hair looks like my cat's fur. I originally just thought this to myself, but then a friend mentioned it, as well. (My face is also pinker than my neck because I got a barely perceptable tan in Dubai and my foundation is very cool-toned and pale. My reptile skin did go away after about three days, if you were concerned.)

Sukey dec 2013

It doesn't really seem so from this photo I just snapped. The warmer lighting detracts. I was kind and used the downward photo trick to make Sukey appear slimmer. Cats don't have to worry about deceiving in online dating profiles.


I took a zillion photos of myself with the full Burj Khalifa and ultimately couldn't keep any because that upward angle is guaranteed to give a double chin and no one needs to see my slowly forming jowls.

Valentino green

I am a little bummed that the year of Pantone emerald is almost over (though radiant orchid is nice too). It's my favorite color. In fact, I'm wearing an extremely bright Pantone-branded Sephora liquid eyeliner in the first photo, but you can't even tell from that straight-on shot because my upper eyelid has started to cave in like I knew it eventually would because this was already starting in my 20s. I'm far less concerned with deterioration than this post would let on. I ended up dancing and making out with a stranger at my office party after party and no one cared about my green eyeliner sinking into my eye socket. The Valentino window (above) at the Mall of the Emirates was all punctuated with emerald green dresses. If couture was only my thing.


Just a few hours ago I saw a Peta ad in New York and Morrissey also has cat-colored hair.

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