The Middle Ages: Not 42?

Cat lady

I thought we had come to the consensus that middle aged means anyone over 35 even if I don't personally agree with it. However, The New York Times in an article, "Cool for Cats," currently the third-most emailed, says:

As the tattoo on her arm announces, Ms. Benjamin is positioning herself as a cat lady for a new generation. A vegan with Bettie Page bangs, she has upended the old stereotype of the frumpy, middle-aged woman surrounded by cats. And her two-bedroom townhouse here is a showcase of the latest in feline interior design.

Ms. Benjamin is 42. What started as a simple quirky home and garden story with a touch of business turned dark in the comments, though (as non-controversial pieces are wont to do). Despite supposedly, bucking convention of the middle-aged cat lady, an awful lot of men seemed angry about a non-young presumably single (nowhere is her marital status mentioned) childless (also, no mention one way or the other) woman devoting so much energy to animals.

My question is what is it about cat-centric lifestyle gurus and their penchant for rockabilly styles? Of course, Jackson Galaxy is the only other example (that I'm aware of). But two is quite a lot, no?

Photo: John Burcham for The New York Times

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