Caught Underaware

UnderwarenessAdult diapers are having a moment. I was sort of amazed to see this ad in my Cooking Light over the weekend, and made the mental note to somehow mention it somewhere when I started feeling more normal and could focus on writing words, something that I’ve not been fully capable of for three days. In a nutshell: I puked so hard that I peed myself Friday night. I also felt like I'd done a million crunches, though it would take millions more for abs to make their way to the surface.

I don’t watch the Emmys. In fact, I physically couldn’t. Last night I was laying on the couch trying to catch up on Masters of Sex and True Blood while scrolling through rss feeds on my iPad when my vision went haywire with those blasts of light that make it impossible to see what you’re looking at directly, framed by wavy zigzags (or should I say chevron, one of many designer tropes that I've been meaning to discuss with myself here) that makes it seem like there’s a ceiling fan whirring just out of sight when there isn’t. All migraine symptoms, duh. And I thought I’d been food poisoned.

But apparently there was a Depends ad featuring Sheryl Underwood during the Emmys that was mocked. Peeing your pants is never not funny.

I'm still completely on board with "underwareness," though.

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