Who’s Laughing Now?

In an impromptu meeting with one other person my boss threw out Gap and Uniqlo when naming two apparel retailers. When he did it again later he said Gap and Lane Bryant, which made me make a face. I wasn't laughing at downmarket* fat people stores, which may have been the interpretation especially since in the last meeting I corrected someone who described Sephora as upscale and got made fun of like I'm a snob though I just meant that you can try on the make-up yourself without sales pressure and that's pretty democratic, but because I wouldn't even think this man would know what Lane Bryant is.

It wasn't until I got back to my seat that I realized I was wearing the only Lane Bryant article of clothing in my entire closet, an eight-year-old western-style pink-beige-and-gold-threaded plaid shirt with pearl buttons that I thought twice about this morning because it felt too casual for the office.

*the truly downmarket brands i.e. Roaman's and One Stop Plus, also owned by BryLane, are online-only because they are too hideous for public consumption.

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