There was a genuinely inexplicable vomit scene in the second episode of the third season of House of Cards, which I watched over the course of the past week or so and somehow details have already blurred in my mind. If I’m remembering correctly–and no spoilers in this–Frank offers Claire part of his sandwich, she doesn’t want it, then goes into the kitchen and starts to throw up in the sink. Then she makes fried eggs for herself. Ok?

One of the last lines from the very last episode is Frank admonishing Claire with “I don’t give a damn if you vomit on your own time.” The context would possibly help, which I’ll refrain from over-explaining, but kind of not. Actually, this didn’t make a lot of sense at all.

What does make sense is that Gavin Orsay is hot–at least to me, probably to others. I’m not sure that he’s supposed to be hot, creepy more like, and it’s kind of hard to not always see him as one of the incestuous McPoyles from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I would totally join AA just so that he could befriend me under false pretenses, I can accompany him to the STD clinic, and he can give me his guinea pig, Cashew before moving to a houseboat in Venezuela. (Oh, was that a spoiler?)

I had no idea that the actor Jimmi Simpson (a name so bland that a Y had to be swapped for an I to be more memorable) was married to Melanie Lynskey up until last year. I like her too, particularly that she looks like a regular person and that’s meant as a compliment not as a euphemism for fat. A message board commenter on IMDB describes Jimmi Simpson as looking like Scarlett Johansson, which isn’t entirely inaccurate and makes him even hotter, obviously. A Costco cashier once told me (and I’m certain I’ve told you) I looked “like that actress on Two and a Half Men,”  which is almost as good as having an IMDB user comment on your appearance. I don’t beyond having dark hair and light skin and resembling a regular person. Maybe I could be Jimmi’s type? Jimmi?

And now I can’t stop looking at photos of the two of them together for clues. And looking for photos with new partners (Jason Ritter?) for more clues.


2 thoughts on “Cashews

  1. “YASSS! Thanks for confirming: Gavin is totally stalkable. He has turned out to be my favorite character on the show, which was surprising to me. I don’t think he is supposed to be creepy…it’s actually the opposite I think…even though he is smart and knows how to manipulate others to get what he wants, he clearly feels bad about it when it involves innocent people. Plus: he loves animals! I think he is intended to be hot, in that nerdy, computer-genius rulebreaker but with a conscience way (think Matthew Broderick in Wargames). Love it!!–Portlandgrrrl ”

    I lost this very important comment when I moved my site, so reproducing it in quotes. Maybe creepy was too strong. I do think hackers are always supposed to be a little fringe, though, but not renegades in the classic action hero sense. Which obviously makes them more stalkable!

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