TV 3

Nurse Jackie isn't top tier. I get it. Vulture has never recapped it and AV Club isn't covering this season. Sometimes it's hokey and a little on the nose. (I wanted to say chick lit-like […]

Spaghetti, Eh?

k, I'm late to this (posting, not watching the show) but in the Fargo premiere there was a vomit scene (action occurring off-screen) referenced  when Bob Odenkirk finds the town bully with the knife in […]


I'm pretty sure that Bates Motel isn't a very good show (it's trashy like American Horror Story, but less entertaining) even though I've made it to episode three. In fact, it's pretty horrible. Vera Farmiga, […]

Two More

It's not a spoiler to say that Lane Cooper barfed on this past Sunday's Mad Men, right? (I am so against spoiler crybabies–you snooze, you lose, sorry.) Three days may as well be three years […]


Once my mom mentioned that she thought Talladega Nights was funny, so I recommended Eastbound & Down. It was only later that I remembered that she hated raunchy humor (both my sister and I value […]