TV 3

Nurse Jackie isn't top tier. I get it. Vulture has never recapped it and AV Club isn't covering this season. Sometimes it's hokey and a little on the nose. (I wanted to say chick lit-like […]

Blue and Gold

We've had enough close reads and 2,500+ word recaps of Mad Men and its ilk already. Time for the important things–like color palettes. It's not a dead match, but the first thing I thought of […]


Why does Nurse Jackie get so much action? She is an abrasive, average-looking (though very fit–Edie Falco has mightily toned arms, despite the character being gym-avoidant) late 40s Queens mom and recovering drug addict. The […]

Lake Placid

Three episodes into Top of the Lake and there have already been two barf scenes. Thai mom of the missing pregnant 12-year-old and Elizabeth Moss…I actually forget why she threw up. Ok, I already watched […]

Girls Will Be Boys

“I looked like Matt Dillon” —Denis Leary’s wife, who seems like a funny, grounded middle-aged lady who probably isn’t anything like his fictional wife on Rescue Me even though that’s how I picture her.  She […]

Mock Tales

There is a line of Crystal Light flavors based on cocktails ladies love like mojitos, pomtinis (I guess that's a thing?), and bellinis. And, there is an ad in either Family Circle or Good Housekeeping […]