It All Depends On How You Define Influential

BanditoPersonally (and hey, this is Project Me) it would’ve made more sense if I’d written the best Latin American food piece in today’s NY Post but for reasons unknown to me I was assigned the Top 25 Influential Latinos. Whatev, a clip is a clip, a check is a check. I should say no more.

As I said somewhere before, it’s too bad they didn’t include Hurley from Lost or the only actress larger than a size 4 on Grey’s Anatomy (I don’t even watch that show but I do find it interesting that ABC has back-to-back less-than-svelte Latinas on screen. Of course, the bigger issue might be Ugly Betty’s Justin, the gayest child character since Danny Pintauro on Who’s the Boss) Dr. Callie Torres. Only fat Mexicans allowed, thank you.