Rooting for the Home Team

BrazilLest you think I’m the only kook who’s amused by Bonnie Root’s (inexplicably misguided friends/fans of Ms. Root need not leave comments about how I shouldn’t quit my day job. Believe me, I know) breed of under the radar fame, here’s snippet of an email I just received from a high school friend that I talk to a few times a year. It’s funny because I was just thinking of her yesterday (Lema, my friend, not Bonnie Root) because she’s the one who introduced me to Filipino food as a youngster and I have a potential trip to the Philippines stuck in my craw.

“I have been watching a series called ‘Cold Case’ on CBS.  There was this gal on the show and I kept thinking she looks really familiar.  Each time I watched it I kept missing the names of the actors. Well, I finally got to see the names, and the Assitant District Attorney on Cold Case is Bonnie Root.  Do you remember her?  She looks like she aged a few years. Granted she had what I thought weird skin.  It almost looked like her skin was not connected to her face.”

Yes, it reads like a mental patient sending fan mail to network a P.O. box. That’s why I like Lema, she always makes me guffaw with semi-intentionally funny observations like skin not looking like it was connected to a face. (She earnestly tells a hilarious story about a guy picking up a hooker in The Philippines who’s awakened by a hand job courtesy of a worm coming out of the prostitute’s ass. Who hasn’t fantasized about a worm job?)

Clearly, Lema doesn’t read blogs–of course I remember that gal.

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