Ice Capades


“’92. Love/hate figure skaters try for Olympics,” is all you need to know about The Cutting Edge, a lovely ABC Family movie that I got sucked into semi-watching late Saturday night for no reason other than that I am a very sad human.

You don’t need to know anything about the bratty, spoiled rich girl figure skater (or her father played by Locke from Lost) nor the injured blue collar former ice hockey star who through iffy circumstances has become the young lady’s new partner, to understand that an hour-and-a-half will be spent sassing each other and that they will admit their love in the last ten minutes.

Two oddities occurred. One, I got an unexpected though tame, throw up scene. Who wouldn’t be nervous skating in the Olympics with such an irresistibly prim yet mouthy gal? Two, I started feeling kindly towards D.B. Sweeney, who’s kind of a lesser Paul Rudd. I’d like to blame it on the sake. (I know it sounds like I was drinking sake all weekend–I went a little overboard at Momofuku Ko the next night–but that wasn’t the case. It just seemed like the appropriate match for combo sashimi from the new generic-looking place up the street, Koto. It was the only non-carby, inoffensive, though not cheap, thing I could come up with for nearby neighborhood delivery.)


Heavens, this must be what happens as you age. Next thing you know I’ll be mooning over Scott Bakula and watching New Amsterdam (oops, too late for the latter).

Luckily, I was able to counteract all that ABC Family when Zoo , everyone's favorite humped by horses flick came on (a different channel, duh).

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