Always a Stalker, Never the Stalked

Sure, this is old news but Project Me!: Part 2 is no slave to timeliness or current events.

I was curious just exactly which ladies Esquire was referring to when a few months ago they titled one of their random Women We Endorse blurbs, “The Women of Flight of the Conchords” because Kristen Schaal's Mel is the only recurring female character on the show. And unfortunately, there’s no way the magazine would deem her hot.

Tina Fey pushes the hotness limits with her alleged “geek chic” which I think just means a woman who wears glasses (I’ll never understand how in the 21st century corrective eyewear is still equated with smartness). Jenna Fischer, a.k.a. The Office’s Pam is about as borderline as it gets with Esquire in the frump-loving department. I know she’s supposed play a plain role but she looks the same to me off screen. I guess I’m showing my own biases: I can’t stand plastic-y Hollywood looks but then I find average, girl-next-door actresses boring. But then, average looking is not the same as real looking. I would throw Mary Lynn Rajskub, another woman who isn’t likely to get an Esquire photo shoot, into that latter camp.

Anyway, Kristen Schaal is the most stalkable stalker on TV and I wouldn’t expect a magazine that publishes the often groan-worthy, “Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman” to appreciate true funny. But I was pleased to see that she was vocal about being ignored as one of the “The Women of Flight of the Conchords” and had her say in Esquire.

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