Hair Apparent

I’m fascinated by all the freaked out Gawker commenters regarding a 1979 Lee Friedlander photo of Madonna at age 19 with full on armpit and pubic hair that just sold for $37,500 at a Christie’s auction. 

Yeah, the woman was a hairy youngster (which I much prefer over her current vein-popping, sinewy look), furrier than a lot females who might opt to go au naturel, but it’s obvious than many of those who are off put have never ever seen a non-waxed woman in their lives. It’s a true anachronism. Also, love the insult that if you’re not grossed out by this you must be a 40-year-old feminist. OMG, just imagine what the 50-year-olds must think.

For those interested in more hirsute Madonna pics, here’s a set from a 1985 Playboy. NSFW, obviously.

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