A Shoe-In

TheKrista I don’t care if Worishofer is totally summer 2007, I love orthopedic sandals, passé hipster trends be damned.

My black #562s have been looking a little beat up so I had my eye on a pair of lace-up #583s. I had no idea these German shoes had actual names, but according to a reliable source called Buddy’s Moccasins (that sounds authoritative, right?) that ol’ #583 is called the Krista.

I feel honored. And am now more convinced that these are fit for summer 2009.

8 thoughts on “A Shoe-In

  1. And I am really excited that it occurred to me to use an h ref tag instead of pasting a URL.

    Anyway, there is a store on 55th street, a stone’s throw away from my office (and your old office) called Belgian Shoes who seemed to go after the orthopedic demographic (but not quite with the cross-over success of Worishofer), I became so fascinated I had to look them up online, and lo and behold every color combo imaginable, like jelly beans, and only $295 (WTF?!) a pop. No, I will not be rocking a pair of Travelettes, but I’m super curious about knowing the rich quirky old lady who would.

  2. slocker: Ok, those Belgian shoes are way too classy for me. And they ought to be with a crazy price like that.

    I get excited about things with my name because even though it sounds super common, it’s not for brands. I’m suffering from the ’80s when everything was personalized yet they never had my name just Kristin, Kristy, Krystal, Kris, Kristina and so on. I had to special order a heart-shaped pin with a rainbow on it and Krista from a local store. Just think of how the internet would’ve changed my life.

    I just found more Krista shoes, these Grasshopper slip-ons that are just ugly not ugly-cool. And these clunky Unisa sandals.

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