For the Win

How many '80s revivals have their been in the past nineteen years? I think you already know my feelings on the matter (mostly in regard to music, but fashion too) but today's New York Times article did articulate what I think irks me, "What is missing from the current revival is 'that striving for outsider status, that sense of I don’t care.'"

I was never older than 17 in the '80s so my perspective is not fully adult but yes, dressing like Boy George or Leigh Bowery (two examples they give) was completely radical. And no, I never dressed like that (I very much tried to emulate the girl's style on the top far right of the Times' article–short tight skirts, oversized tops, over the knee tights, crisp bob with headwraps and ties). Though if you were mild and suburban you couldn't find even moderately "alternative" clothing in stores, there weren't any Hot Topics. You wore vintage or sewed to get a look. It took effort to avoid the mainstream.

I specifically remember in college, the early '90s, marveling that malls were selling things I'd actually wear. There was big shift in fashion. I rarely bought new clothes until the '90s and even then I still wore a lot of used.

Modern youngsters are insiders. Connected, aware, always in touch, more into fun than trying to shock. FTW used to mean Fuck the World. Now it's For the Win. No one wants to be an outsider anymore. Maybe that's ok.

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