Between Mix Tapes and MP3s

This USA Today quiz that purports to guess your generation pissed me off (it doesn’t take much to get on my bad side) with its gaps. What show was popular when you were a teenager? None of the options. Seinfeld was college and Love Boat was grade school. No choices were in between. What technology came into being when I was a teenager? Certainly not Facebook, digital cameras or the electric typewriter. I guess cassette tapes, but it’s not like they didn’t exist before the late ‘80s. Also, Green Day and Joan Jett were the only remotely reasonable choices for a popular musician during my teenage years. Once again, one was college, one grade school. Was Generation X not considered in these choices?

Yet, the five questions nailed down my birth year exactly. Now, I’m pissed for being so accurately pigeonholed.

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