Facing the Facts

Whitney popcorn Whitney Cummings appeared on the side of James’ bag of popcorn yesterday.

I also noticed someone found their way to this blog by searching Whitney Cummings looks 40.

The more that I scrutinize her face, the more I think that she doesn’t necessarily look 40. It’s more that women in their 40s end up looking like her when they get cosmetic procedures to presumably appear 20-something. Her taut skin, prominent cheekbones, neutral nose, plump lips are kind of an ideal (particularly in this photo) and not cartoonish on her, but could come across so on a previously lined and sagging face. At least she has the good sense to not tan.

“Due to this product and I now look only 10 years older than I am, opposed to 30 years older than I am. People seriously ask me if I’ve gotten a face lift, which I happen to take as a huge compliment. Although, if I was going to get plastic surgery, do you really think that’s where I’d start? (indicate sternum.)”

Ha, she credits her good skin to Weleda’s Skin Food, which I also own but forgot about—I’d better dig it out of the bathroom closet so people don’t think I’m 50.

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