Kitchen Confidential: Phase #3

kitchen chandelierI bought this ’80s (maybe late ’70s–I’m not sure) chandelier on eBay way back in August before I’d even moved into this apartment and just got around to finally having it installed (along with bathroom and entryway light fixtures) because I’m averse to paying to have things doneĀ  and electrical work seems pricier than it should be. (Replacing the kitchen faucet falls into this same category and has been in limbo since day one, and I may never have the leaky faucet in my bathroom fixed. Theoretically these are tasks I could handle myself if I didn’t lack the motivation.)

It’s setting the right tone for sure. The mauve Formica will be highlighted perfectly.

And because this abomination was just posted to my Facebook feed, I feel the need to state the obvious: only in a Brooklyn brownstone, Viking range, finance dude world would one consider mid-century Danish furniture to be normcore.

kitchen lightEven my lighting choice is an affectation. If one wanted pure normcore, it would be the original ceiling fixture a.k.a “boob light,” the bane of all rentals everywhere.

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