One Year Later

Today is my one year co-op anniversary. I want to get all choked up and reflective over the rapid passing of time, but it kind of does feel like it’s been a year. The gung-ho-ness I had my first three months here/the last three months of 2014 certainly petered out, though. Tomorrow I am finally having my kitchen faucet replaced with like my fourth choice fixture and that will be that. I’m done! For now.

The only thing left on my to-dos is finding someone to sew (I hesitate to say sew, it’s just hemming raw edges and a few straight lines) panels from fabric I already have to cover my french doors. I’d also like to reupholster my dining room chairs but that’s not new at all and has been the plan since I had them delivered from New Jersey eBay sellers the day of Hurricane Sandy.

Because I’m so yappy on Facebook (I have my reasons) I hesitate to repeat myself here. So, here’s some randomness I wouldn’t put there; I really think I like Judy Greer and not just because she’s developing sunken undereyes like mine. This occurred to me while reading her Top Shelf on Into the Gloss, which tends to profile younger women. And damn, that’s quite a regimen and number of products but that’s kind of the point of the column or else it’d be soap-and-water boring. I’m a little concerned that her husband doesn’t like red lipstick. I now want Mountain Ocean Skin Trip. I am really easily influenced by online recommendations lately because I am a sucker.

 Michael Desmond/Showtime
Michael Desmond/Showtime

She looked great on Masters of Sex a few weeks ago. I didn’t like that she was the alcoholic wife being repeatedly cheated on by the guy everyone loves from The Good Wife, a show I just can never watch no matter how much I hear about it (see also Scandal and Empire).

I do watch Married and find it charming. I guess I’m alone. It almost makes me want to be low achieving with three kids and married to my college boyfriend and live in what’s supposedly a crappy house in L.A.

(I also like that the Krista actress from Enlightened has been on the show. I also like that there was a Krista on Mr. Robot in the form of Elliott’s therapist played by Gloria Reuben, who doesn’t seem like a Krista at all to me and a little too old to have that name, though she certainly wasn’t playing her real age [51!?] on that show and in fact was meant to be born my year, 1972. Then again, Judy seems like an older-than-40 name, so what do I know?)

L.A. real estate is lost on me. I also was the only person in the universe not irritated by Togetherness because I don’t know neighborhoods enough to let what look like unassuming homes rub me the wrong way because of their $1 million+ prices. Or maybe I’m desensitized because that doesn’t seem crazy for house when you can get less than 1,000 square feet for that here. Ok, really the prime complainer that stands out was Ask Polly and I’m always inclined to disagree with her because I wasn’t crazy about the advice I was given when she was still doing her thing on The Awl (not linking) and her obsession with telling letter-writers to wake-up earlier bugs me.  (She did not advise me on my sleeping habits, but I’ve decided to try and get up two hours earlier starting Monday or else I’m going to lose the rest of 2015. I can’t write at night or else it looks like what you’re reading this very moment.)

My boss was put off by Enough Said because there was no way Julia Louis Dreyfus’ character could afford that house in Venice as a massage therapist. I’m put off that a still from the film was used to illustrate an  article about finances in your 40s.

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