He’s Not My Grandpa. He’s My Dad.

TonyIt’s incredibly rare that I like a New York Times headline but this one was good enough to let it stand alone.

Today’s style section (so fashionable, knocking up much younger brides) article is rife with SODs (start over dads—their acronym). It seems that kids of SODs will be SOL when their pappies keel over before the youngsters reach adulthood. So many milestones missed. Is it fair to the children?

Who cares, the article was full of data, saving me from wasting precious time researching famous old dads on my own.

Name checked in this trend piece:

  • Larry King had two children in his 60s.
  • George Plimpton died at 76 in 2003, leaving behind 9-year-old twin girls.
  • Rod Stewart had a son when he was 60.
  • Paul McCartney had a daughter at 61.
  • Kenny Rogers had identical twin boys at 65.
  • In 2004, at 63, the actor George Lazenby had a son; a twin boy and girl followed in 2005. (Which begs the question—who the hell is George Lazenby?!)
  • Julio Iglesias, 63, is expecting his wife to give birth shortly.
  • Late in 1996, Tony Randall was giddily anticipating becoming a father — at the age of 77. He was 84 when he died in 2004, leaving behind not only a 7-year-old daughter, Julia, but also a 6-year-old son, Jefferson.

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