Dishpan Hands In an attempt to take procrastination to new levels, I’ve started a new Tumblr, Nice Rack, to document the dish drying racks I see on TV. It’s a great comfort in my dishwasher-free existence. […]

Stalkers Gonna Stalk

Huh, that was some upbeat craziness I posted last. Nothing has happened since then to counter any of that positivity, which is to say nothing bad has happened. Nothing great either. Nothing has happened at […]

Dumb and Dumber

I think I’ve not posted here in a while. Maybe I have. I don’t know because I have drug-induced brain damage. I don’t even remember if I’ve detailed my issues with ocular migraines. I do […]

Reality Bites

One person's funny stereotype is another's…I don't know, total serious reality? No need here to rehash the specifics of a mild social media dust-up that really drove home the point that the older I get, […]


During my weekend posting spree (well, I reverted back to Instagram Sunday) I mentioned both the book "I Love Dick" and formerly having an online dating profile. The profile came to mind because I was […]


My cat's tooth fell out, sometime possibly over the weekend. This wasn't the first. Her front fang went missing more than a year ago. The last cat I lived with, who was put to sleep […]


I've become victim to a mystery on par with how the backs of my shoes always get destroyed despite no recollection of ever scraping my heels as I walk, and this new tragedy is mascara […]

Web 1.0%

Tilde club? This is my tilde club. So much discussion in certain circles, not my circles, about the old pre-millennium web. Aren’t these nouveau old-school efforts just in-joke communities for those with large platforms? Tilde […]