I was in the pseudo-Catskills for the past four days. I was told that Hudson isn’t technically in the Catskills and it’s certainly not culturally. I’ve never experienced quite a concentration of ramshackle bougieness crammed […]

Stalkers Gonna Stalk

Huh, that was some upbeat craziness I posted last. Nothing has happened since then to counter any of that positivity, which is to say nothing bad has happened. Nothing great either. Nothing has happened at […]


I’m just going to say it. The first five months of this year sucked ass. Eggs, maybe? Sugar-free hard candy? Something. From June onward it’s going to be awesome, though, I can feel it. Something […]

Dumb and Dumber

I think I’ve not posted here in a while. Maybe I have. I don’t know because I have drug-induced brain damage. I don’t even remember if I’ve detailed my issues with ocular migraines. I do […]